Company Overview

Rudram, a group known for its real estate work around the multiple cities of Gujarat. A group know for its successful project helping thousands of dreamers to build their own dwellings as well as established Workplace. Established since 2008 company has gain massive reputation in the construction industry with very satisfied reviews of all families using facilities. A group who has employed staff of our 250 people over the period of time with a mission of Dwelling’s For Mankind tends to grow For Mankind, With Mankind. Prominent group of people are involved in the management team who has very vast experience in the field of development. Company has vision to GROW WITH PEOPLE and establish as an acclaimed group for providing well organized shelters, business units infrastructure.


Our mission is to provide organized and elegant structure, which is possible technically for the people at amount for developing relationship for lifetime. We have started as group to learn and deliver keeping in mind the best interest of the society. Each person from the management team as well as employed people intend to learn and build a beautiful place for families to live and work. We intend to use the best possible infrastructure and product with ZERO compromise in quality. Our projects are developed under extreme supervisions of experts and under the guideline of the government for the development.

Our Team

We as a group have a large sum of people who are involved in the growth of Rudram. Under the hard work of many individuals, we have completed many projects and intend to finish more. Our management team involves Pragnesh Patel, Dhaval Patel, Gaurang Patel, Sanket Patel, Hiren Patel.

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